Twice the Fun – 99 CENTS

Good girls don’t do bad things. But the night I enter The Lion’s Den sex club, I’m a wolf in sheeps clothing. By the time I walk out of the next morning, I’ll be ready to move on. Who says break-ups have to be bad?

Darker Shades of Menage – 99 CENTS

Fulfill your darkest sensual fantasies with this unbelievable collection of dirty little short stories. Eight super hot experiences that will turn you on! Darker Shades of Menage- MMF Threesome Romance Short Stories Taboo Menage Taken By The Ranchers Rock & Roll Threesome Lover Awakened Three In The Bed Ain’t Bad The Home Coming Werebear Menage…

Taken – 99 Cents

Austin She’s my best friend’s sister, and I can’t let her go. Ya, I work in a bar, and sure I get my fair share of the ladies. But I see them for one night, and then I send them home. There is something different about her. The way she smells. The way she feels. […]