Friends – FREE

The Boys are Back in Town…. James is a Dom. Michael loves women. When the two become unlikely friends, they form a team, working the clubs and enjoying a carefree bachelor existence. Until, one day, James is offered an unusual opportunity: to Buy A Virgin… A Tale of BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance. Explicit adult content….

Give Me Triple: The Naughty Bundle – FREE

Give Me Triple: The Naughty Bundle: The Complete Bundle. A Collection Of Four Gay Menage Novellas. BE ADVISED: This is an over-the-top dark, naughty read; not intended for the faint of heart.THIS COLLECTION INCLUDES: Sold To The Cowboys Dirty Navy Mechanics Are Too Rough Best Friends Don’t Sleep Together

Gender Bender Bundle – FREE

Forbidden Futa Gender Swap Fetish Trans Taboo Erotica A fun and frisky, great value box set containing three hot tales of gender-bending sexploration!! 1. FUTANARI WORKOUT When Derek dumps Nicole, the only person she can rely on to cheer her up is her best friend Briony. But when Briony suggests a workout at her gym…

Partners – 99 CENTS

James is a Dom. Michael loves women. As friends of years, working the clubs, it seemes that little can come between them. Until James is offered the chance to ‘Buy a Virgin’. Will their friendship survive the strains this causes, and what will happen when he meets James’ ‘purchase’? A story of BDSM, Ménage Erotic…

Lesbian Erotica – FREE

Janet couldn’t sleep. The drama with her and her boyfriend was keeping her up all night. She’d caught him cheating before and now she had reason to believe he was up to his old ways again. On top of everything else, the guy in the apartment next door was making too way too much noise….

Quantum Jake Takes a Farm Girl – FREE

Bayou’s a virgin, but the mysterious naked man who just walked out of her family’s pond says if he doesn’t have sex with her, the world will end. She doesn’t know whether to believe that story, when he keeps calling her by some other woman’s name and he can’t remember anything before yesterday. To complicate…

Unzipped – 99 CENTS

No rules. No inhibitions. No obligations. Just one night to indulge in Forbidden Fantasies.

Twice the Fun – 99 CENTS

Good girls don’t do bad things. But the night I enter The Lion’s Den sex club, I’m a wolf in sheeps clothing. By the time I walk out of the next morning, I’ll be ready to move on. Who says break-ups have to be bad?

The Longest Rodeo – 99 CENTS

Yes sugar – we’re going all the way. I was forced to leave Austin. And my sweet Caroline brought me back. I broke her heart once, but I’ve come back to claim what’s mine: Her V-Card. NOW A TOP 50 AMAZON BESTSELLER! She’s every man’s wet dream. A perfect blend of sex and southern innocence….

Bad Boy Erotica – FREE

  She stared at the reflection of the woman in the mirror, turning this way and that, and watching the way the bedroom lights glinted off everything from her silver halter-style gown to her freshly manicured nails. The expensive clothes, the real jewelry—things she had never owned her entire life—did nothing to make Sarah feel…

Sevensome: A Forbidden Snow White Fairy Tale – 99 CENTS

Make seven your lucky number today… My kingdom is in turmoil. My evil stepmother has seized the crown. These men are my only hope. With them, I’ll reclaim my throne. Bring back freedom and peace. But before any of that can happen, there’s one thing I need to do. Actually…make that seven.