Kindle Romance Deals and Steals

We started out some time in January of 2014 and today we are still learning how we can make our site as user-friendly and beneficial for everyone. Please bare with us for any of our shortcomings. We are always open for your suggestions and comments so feel free to contact us and let us know.

It all started with a group of girls who loves reading, addicted to shopping, and enjoys gossiping. Now these girls who just wanna share their passions in life decided to make a website where all girls that share their interest can enjoy and then came “Kindle Romance Deals and Steals”.

Every week we bring you the newest, hottest, and bestselling books  from our indie authors at the most bargain price! From 0.99 books, freebies, 0.99 boxed sets, we make sure we satisfy your weekly cravings of romance reads. The books we feature are all posted here but we also feature them on our social media accounts such as Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

If you are an indie author or even a reader who wants to have your favorite author featured on our site – don’t hesitate to submit a book for a chance to be featured on our site for free!

All the books featured in our site have affiliate links

We try our best to update the site every week — sometimes even twice a week — so stay updated through our newsletter and get the latest bargain romance books delivered straight to your email.

We will always be grateful for every visit you do on our site, every like, heart, and favorite you give on our post, and as for our part, we will not let you down – we will continue to bring you all the best hot bargain books available in Kindle!

We love you guys!

Thank you for visiting our site and hope to hear from you about your favorite indie author!


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