Triple the Action – FREE

Triple the Action: Lesbian Threesome FFF Soccer Romance by [Keo, Gayle]

Vanessa Spike, her soccer team’s captain rallied her team to try and beat the Hurricanes. After quite a tough struggle, their college soccer team finally wins the league for the first time. She is excited and she and her goalkeeper best friend, Rihanna Brown look forward to the after party.

Before they can leave, Vanessa’s sexy childhood friend, Andria, shows up unexpectedly. Vanessa is thrilled that her childhood friend is there to see the winning game. Unbeknownst to Vanessa, Andria’s unexpected visit is more than it appears to be.

Vanessa, Andria and Rhianna leave for the party together and while they are dancing on the dance floor, Vanessa finds her friends missing. She searches all over for them, finally finding them in a compromising situation. But Vanessa isn’t the only one to see them together. One indiscretion leads to more than Vanessa, Andria or Rhianna could ever imagine. This act awakens something inside Vanessa and she decides it’s time to teach Andria a lesson. That is if the stranger in the shadows does not make the first move.

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