The Dare by Cate Sexton

Litzy Graham is eighteen. She has earned everything she has, including her recently accepted application to the medical faculty in Harvard University. Now, she also feels she deserves to do what other students have been long able to do, indulge in a wild holiday abroad. Her foster care has finished, so Litzy is free to do what she wants.
Saving and making money came naturally to Litzy, who even though she was in foster care since she was four was always good with money. She saved every penny she ever got spare, and she earned the rest. She now had enough for at least two years of college if she is thrifty.
But for now, Litzy was going to have one hell of a holiday in Hawaii with the girls she met in the pre-med program for Harvard as one of them won $135 million dollars in the State lottery and is bringing them all with her. The girls are fun-loving and a lot more relaxed than Litzy when it comes to men, who she is shy around.
So, Macy, the girl who won the lottery, dares Litzy to ask out the next guy she meets and sleep with him while they are there, for a prize of one million dollars.
But what if the dare gets Litzy more than she’s bargained for?



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Hi Guys, If you want to read great contemporary romance then read the First Love Series, starting with The Jump, The Trip, The Boss, The Hero, The Dare, The Mate, The Minx, The Play, The Wall, The Wish and The Blue (which I have just added and is an Australian love adventure).

These are not sexual books, or erotica, but they are contemporary, or modern romance, some have sex in them, as part of the story, not as the central feature (although it is a good selling point!). These stories are based on real life stories I’ve heard or a mixture of things I’ve seen and read, mainly of low self-esteem, desire, an inability to succeed in love when that’s all you want. An observation that many people give up their dreams for ideas and “morals” that don’t exist, and that maybe it’s better to jump on and enjoy the ride (pardon the pun!) even if it means taking a risk, the consequences might be worth it…

All the books are designed to be read in an hour while you are sitting at a bus stop, or on the train, or in the back of the car. There is a shortage of time, and what I offer is quick paced true life stories of love and tragedy.

Pure escapism. xx

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