Dedicated: MF Priest and Single Mother – FREE

Dedicated: MF Priest and Single Mother by [Jenkins, Clara]

Mason Walker is a war veteran, who after seeing so much suffering finds God. Just months ago, he takes a vow of celibacy to begin his journey to become a priest. Then, someone walks into the church searching for anything that can save her from the life she has been dealt. Those around him don’t see her as the type who can be saved, so he begins to question everything he knows about religion.

Samantha Adams has had a rough life. She comes from an abusive home, from which she was removed at fourteen. She made the rounds of numerous foster homes. At seventeen, she discovered being pretty could go a long way with men who had money in their pockets. She became a muse for lonely, rich men who could keep her fed and sheltered for months at a time. At nineteen, a pregnancy ended it all. About to be on the streets with a baby, she walks into a church looking for redemption.

Will Samantha’s sweetness, beauty and new mindset cause Mason to question his choice of celibacy? Will Mason be able to help Samantha trust him to be a different kind of man than those she has known and grow to believe in God?

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