Secret Crush – FREE

Secret Crush: A Childhood Fantasy Romance by [Webster, Kristie]

Mia just turned eighteen years old. She is so delighted to learn that finally, she is moving into her sister’s apartment in the city for college. But she has never expected that Brent will show up again and wake up her childhood memories.
Brent is her sister’s high school best friend and Mia was secretly in love with him then. Upon learning that Brent also works in the city and he is still close to her sister, she knew her adjustment would never be smooth at all. In fact, Brent lives in the apartment nearby. Worse, her sister is always entrusting her to Brent whenever she will be away for work.
Many times, Brent will pay a visit and make sure she is okay whenever Mia’s sister is away. Eventually, the attraction between them starts growing, and Mia is anxious that if he comes keener to her, she will finally fall into his traps.
Will she allow herself to indulge and fulfill her childhood fantasies with him?

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