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Home by [de Silva, Jezz]

Trauma nurse, Evelyn Watson, married her high school sweetheart two decades ago. Now her soldier husband, Mark, is dead, and her dream home on the West Australian coast crumbles around her—just like her once idyllic life.

Maori Special Forces warrior, Corporal Jamie Turner, barely survived the mission that killed his sergeant. Mark not only saved Jamie’s life, he taught him how to live with honor and showed Jamie what life could be. And nothing will stop Jamie from keeping his promise to his best friend and caring for Mark’s wife.

As Eve pulls together the remains of her world and fights to move on, the man her husband considered a brother rebuilds the only home she’s ever known and shines light into her darkness. Yet as she battles to allow herself to love again, she’s terrified of how far—and how hard—she could fall. Especially if fate steals Jamie away from her.

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