Free book of the week: Hot as Hell

In the midst of danger, Angelina finds having three bodyguards is more than just for safety.

After a bad breakup with a narcisstic asshat, Angelina drops into an upscale bar, intending to leave as anything but angelic. The three bodyguards tempt her. But how can she decide? Then they show her she doesn’t have to choose. She stays with them for her protection after an attack. House arrest had never been so hot. The three of them show her every room of the house up close and…in depth… when not tracking down if the attack on her had been random or planned.

Andrew, Charlie, and Tony all take her attack personally as it happened on their turf. They hope they can convince Angelina that the three of them are worth taking a risk for. But will she stay once she doesn’t need them as bodyguards anymore?

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