Chasing Her Curves – 99 CENTS

A man from my past.
My darkest desire.
The one that got away.

If only I was describing one man instead of three.

My love life wasn’t complicated.
It was nonexistent.

Then I saw him.
Nate. It had been six years since he said goodbye.
His return wasn’t happenstance.
He wanted to pick up where we left off.

In the shadows, a beast roared.
Devlin. My darkest fantasy brought to life.
He came to claim me.
I dreamed of that moment, yet I never thought it would happen.

It was hard enough to choose between them before my past collided with the present.

Connor. Our relationship ended in a whimper.
But he came back with a bang.
He needed me and I didn’t know how to turn my back on him.

Somewhere in the midst of chaos, the answer showed itself.
The four of us needed each other.
It was the only way to survive.

Is it possible to love three men unconditionally?

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