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Prescription: Orgasm
Patient: Kylie Hackett
To be filled by: Dr. Max Lewis
Aka her worst nightmare.
When I walk into the ER for my first shift, the nurses all want me.
I don’t need my stethoscope to hear their hearts pounding.
Except Kylie. She’s actually focused on her job.
Not my military background, or tattoos. No, she’s actually all about patient care.
Well, let me care for you sweetheart.
But she thinks I’m full of myself, annoying at best.
She couldn’t be more wrong.
Fact: I know what I’m doing in the ER.
I can also fulfill her wildest fantasies.
That’s not ego. That’s the truth.
However, when Kylie gets hurt I find myself swallowing all my pride.
She needs me, and I’m just what the doctor ordered.



Nicole Elliot

USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicole Elliot, is a superhero who writes steamy romance on the side.Okay so maybe not totally true. But she does write romance, lots of it. And she loves every second of it.

She finally created a fan group on Facebook, she does post a lot of pictures of cats, you’ve been warned.
You can also join her Newsletter! When you join you get to read a FREE full length novel from her as a thank you for signing up!

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