Free book of the week: Long Nights

Long Nights: A Happy Ever After Romance by [May Ball, Alice]

It’s the wrong time and the wrong place. Even for the right man

My gorgeous, borrowed life is about to crash before it even got off the ground. Before the sands run out, I’ll take last one chance to sparkle at a champagne reception.
Not the time to meet the throb-inducing hulk of my dreams. Could be the chance to have a moment with a masterful man, though. Smoldering eyes? Check. Smoking bod? Check. Takes command? Check, check, check.
Only trouble is, he seems determined for more. Which would be perfect any other time but I’m not who he thinks I am. I can’t wear the slinky borrowed designer clothes for much longer.
However much I ache to feel his touch and taste his lips and feel his strength again, he won’t want me if he sees me exposed.
If only I didn’t want him so hard.
Captain Jagger Long. I take what I want, Alexa, and what I want is you. I’m a one night and no strings man, but you make me break all my rules and come back for more.
Now that I’ve found you, I won’t ever give up.
I’ll pour charm in your ear till I light your fire. I’ll touch you with my voice and my lips and my body. I’ll kiss you all over and fill you till I turn you inside out. You’re going to be mine, Alexa. Whatever it takes.

Long Nights is a full-length standalone romance novel with scorching steam, no cheating and a satisfying, guaranteed happily ever after HEA conclusion.

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