Thick Sweet Georgia Peach – 99 CENTS

“Nobody ever loved me, not even the ones who brought me into this world.” Portia “Peaches” Jackson was always the pretty girl winning pageants as a child. As long as her parents were able to cash in on her beauty they were happy, but the moment she put on weight she became useless to them. The only person she has in the world is her cousin, Onye, who is extremely protective if her. So protective that when Peaches meets a young thug named Mase, she frowns on the relationship.

Mase attracts two things: money and trouble. Concerned only with his appearance and his pockets, he doesn’t consider a female to be anything other than an activity. When he meets the voluptuous Peaches, he starts to feel an unfamiliar need to actually give away his heart. With problems brewing from past decisions, he decides to feed her with a long handled spoon, which sends her into the next man’s arms.

Tremaine is a well-established pretty boy with everything that Peaches needs. He offers her the security and devotion that Mase couldn’t, but can she afford the price that it comes with it? What do you do when everybody wants you for all the wrong reasons? Find out in Thick Sweet Georgia Peach.

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