The Complete Firehouse 56 Series – 99 CENTS

These four firefighters are too hot to handle!

Our marriage might be fake, but the heat between us is real.

Cassidy was always around. The girl next door.
But as we grew up, my time in the military made us grow apart.
She isn’t my little Ladybug anymore.
She’s a confident, curvy beauty. And I want her to climb my ladder.
Until her mom got sick and everything changed.
Her mother’s dying wish?
To see her baby walk down the aisle.
I never expected Cass to ask me.

Brady is hot. So hot I can barely be near him.
Always has been. And he has no idea I have loved him since I was four.
But our timing has never been right, however now, my mom has little time left.
My idea to get married is totally insane, but for some reason he goes along with it.
At night, our passion ignites, and by day, he saves lives while I pick out cakes and favors.
Everything is perfect.
Until it isn’t.
Our lie could end up burning everyone we love.

She doesn’t want to get married, but she’s having my baby.

Vanessa and I are practically strangers.
Except that we had a one-night stand.
And now she’s having my baby.
But I want to be more, more than strangers, more than friends.
I want to come home to Vanessa every night, throw her over my shoulder and have my way with her.
She’s putting up walls.
I break down walls for a living, she doesn’t stand a chance.
I’ll prove to her I’m here for her, and for our child.
Every step of the way.

Josh is on fire.
The way he looks at me, I can’t get enough.
But we’re having a baby, family has to come first.
We hardly know each other.
Can we really make this work?
He thinks so.
When he’s in his uniform and tossing his cocky attitude around, I almost believe him.
I never thought I would want to get married, but being a fireman’s wife…
Can I take the heat?

Playboy, firefighter, and now homeless? Not gonna happen.

If the new EMT doesn’t agree to be my roommate I don’t know what I’ll do.
Since my parents took away my trust fund, things have been tight.
But my new roommate isn’t what I was expecting.
That doesn’t stop me from wanting HER.
Olivia wants to be treated like one of the guys.
I have to try. I only have a few months left to convince my parents I’ve cleaned up my act.
So I can get my billions back.
For now Olivia will just have to be my roomie.
We need to keep it platonic.
But one night after a fire call we’re both hot and bothered.
And when she tells me she’s never had an O, I have to turn up the heat.
Now I’m willing to give up everything to get what I want…her.

She was the one that got away.

Desiree is beautiful, kind, and everything I’ve always wanted.
But didn’t deserve.
I was rough, a criminal, a kid who needed help.
I’m the one who does the saving now.
I’m a firefighter.
And a father.
I’m ready to ignite our passion once again,
And this time the flame won’t go out.

Debut author Chase Jackson invites you to meet the men of Firehouse 56. You’re going to need a hose down after all this heat.

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