The Carpathian Curse – 99 CENTS

Ali is a beautiful young woman, but she’s also a party girl who’s always up for a good time. Of all the witches in her coven, she is the wildest. Settling down was not on her mind when the train let her off in a small Romanian town in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Ali was there to help her friends solve a 150-year-old mystery and stop an impending clash between vampires and werewolves. She was looking for a good time until she bumped into him.

He cut himself off from his human emotions, and let his heart go dark. Anatolie couldn’t imagine cursing a person to live the vampire life. He wants to help Ali and her friends stop the immortal war, but he is bound to his maker. The control of his maker has Anatolie feeling like a prisoner. He desperately wants to be set free. He is immortal, but he misses the basic freedoms and feelings that humans take for granted.

Solomon is an ancient, immortal creature who wants to claim the mystical powers of the Carpathian Mountains for himself. He tried to accomplish this feat a hundred years ago, and he was stopped by a mysterious artifact, the covenant. Ali and her coven must try to uncover the mystery of the covenant, and they hire Anatolie to be their guide.

When their worlds collide and they are forced to work together things do not go smoothly. Ali is unruly and willful, Anatolie is proud and stubborn. They don’t want to be bound to one another at first, and yet they can’t seem to let go. In a palace overlooking the mountains, or a cheap motel, they are drawn to each other no matter the surroundings.
Is she the key to his happiness, is he the solution to her mystery?

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