Risky Business – 99 CENTS

If anyone knows that not all that glitters is gold, it’s Ron. When faced with tough choices, Ron must choose between rebuilding his career or restarting his heart. Or can he truly have both?

Things go from bad to worse when he is sent out on assignment in the middle of Southwestern Wisconsin. It is there that he discovers a whole host of flaky employees, eccentric department managers and quite possibly the most intoxicatingly compelling man he’s ever met in his life.

While he hates every moment he spends in the Midwest, he cannot deny the connection he forges in short order with Jerry. The chemistry is undeniable. For the first time in his life, Ron feels drawn to another person in a way that he has never felt before. Though Ron tries to deny the chemistry he has with Jerry, the inevitability of their mutual attraction keeps pulling them back together.

Will Ron throw caution to the wind and give into his desires with Jerry? What is to become of the two of them when it comes time for Ron to leave this place he has come to hate at the risk of losing the person he has come to love?

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