A Match in Dogwood – FREE

A Match in Dogwood: A Dogwood Series Anthology Prequel by [Anderson, Jodi, Fox, Karen, Hayden, Laura, McCutcheon, Pam, Silva, Sharon, Smits, Angel, Willhoff, Jude]

Welcome to Dogwood, Colorado, where a special dog named Match brings soul mates together!

In this prequel to the Dogwood series, you’ll learn how the legend of the matchmaking dog came to be, and meet many of the quirky characters who made life in Dogwood, Colorado interesting over the years. The short stories include:

“A Forever Kind of Love” by Pam McCutcheon

“Gone to the Dogs” by Laura Hayden

“The Cowboy and the Librarian” by Jodi Anderson

“A Match in Disguise” by Pam McCutcheon

“Rescuing Nora” by Jude Willhoff

“In Search of a Match” by Sharon Silva

“Give a Dog a Chance” by Karen Fox

“Take Me Home” by Angel Smits

Dogwood, Colorado: where the best things in life are rescued. This collection of stories range from humorous to emotional, but each and every one is a heartwarming story about couples who are fated to be together, and the dogs who love them.

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