Moonlight Alphas Box Set – FREE

Moonlight Alphas Box Set by [Shade, Vanesa]

Three alpha wolves, each on a hunt for their perfect mate.

Featured Stories in the Moonlight Alpha Collection:

Rugged Wolf
Vanessa has made a living off of catching stars with sordid secrets.He knows that a secret of this magnitude is too great a temptation for someone like Vanessa, especially when makes it clear she does not like him…or she could also have a secret: her feelings for Archer.

Keaton’s Prey
Can Ellison wrap her head around a man with the heart of an animal? Does she even really know this man that she’s been caring for? And why do his confessions and feelings for her make her so hot and bothered?

Tate’s Mission
Unwilling to compromise her safety for his secret, Tate takes a leap of faith for Brisa. They need to work together to figure out a plan of escape, and what to tell everyone else. She’s the same calm, beautiful woman he’s just know realizing he’s fallen for. But can he trust her to keep his secret, even when she realizes that he’s part of a pack of shifters?

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