His Irish Coffee – 99 CENTS

In the bright lights of sin city, a rugged cowboy finds his innocent angel.

The brown-eyed beauty drops her panties in my lap, a clumsy but oh-so-sweet attempt to tease me. As if I need encouragement. Her perfect curves, lush lips and rounded hips stir every primitive instinct.

Lila acts like she knows just how to show me a good time, but I know she’s innocent. Her fragile smile tells me she’s untouched. I can tell she’s trying to start a game with me. She has no idea… she’s trying to play the ultimate player.

I’m not a Las Vegas boy. Hell, I’m not even from America.

I’m an Irish cowboy through and through. I live a quiet life on the Emerald Isle, raising thoroughbred horses. I’m in Vegas for a bachelor party, not to debauch a virgin.

And yet, one look at Lila and that’s just what I intend to do. Taste her. Claim her. And when I’m done marking my tight, hot little prize, I’ll take my sweet innocent girl home with me and keep her by my side, because…

Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

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