Tempted by a Single Dad – FREE

He’s hot, he’s sexy, but he’s her boss. Ali cannot go near Evan, however tempting he is!

Ali has only applied for the month long nannying job in Hawaii because her whole life is falling apart, she certainly doesn’t need to be adding any complications to that mess… and she really shouldn’t be falling for the boss.

However, she can’t seem to stop herself from falling deeper and deeper for him, no matter how hard she tries.
Evan’s life hasn’t been the same since he lost his wife eighteen months ago, his family is falling apart, he’s under a lot of stress, and he doesn’t think he’ll ever find someone new. Ali is an unexpected treat, unlike anyone he’s ever met before, and the more he gets to know, the more he likes.

Temptation leads to a moment of weakness, which leaves Ali and Evan both in a mess…

For a limited time only, 16 bonus full-length box sets and short stories included!

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