It was always such a surreal sight watching her pretty little head and small mouth buck and gorge on my meat.

Life is good for Jesse and Katie. They have all the money they need and hot sex they could ask for. But their comfortable life gets thrown through a loop the day slutty, rebellious April comes to live with them. She’s got attitude and probably a STD, being that she recently got caught in bed with FOUR different dudes (can you say, quadruple penetration?).

Her sleeping around and general b*tchiness doesn’t stop even though she’s now living under someone else’s rules. Katie decides the best way to set the brat straight is to have Jesse take her HARD, RAW and BAREBACK… while she watches… and if April happens to get pregnant from it, she can consider it a lesson doubly learned!

“You’re going to have to beg if you want it,” I told her as my teeth scraped across her nipple.

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