Lost and Found – 99 CENTS

Recent college graduates, Harrison Barnes and Salvador Lerman, connect after a road trip down from Berkeley to Los Angeles, where they both plan to relocate. Both neophytes in the entertainment industry, Harrison, a budding animator, lands a job at an impressive animation studio while Sal is fresh off the heels of an Academy Award nomination for a screenplay. Although both initially feel an attraction, Harrison is wrapped up in an on again off again romance with his first love while Sal, never having been in a relationship before, is too fearful of genuine intimacy.

Over the years, Harrison and Sal run into each other igniting the spark they both had years ago as Berkeley graduates and newly minted Hollywood rising stars. As luck would have it, each chance encounter happens when the other is in a relationship with someone else or when circumstances are not ideal for romance. As the years stretch out from the time where they first felt a connection for each other, the initial attraction between them only grows stronger. Will the timing ever be right for Harrison and Sal? Or will old lovers, social climbers, and the oftentimes fickle entertainment industry get in the way?

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