Embraced by the Dragon Prince – FREE

Geneva is out for blood. Her village has been destroyed and her best friend, Winda, was one of the victims of this great tragedy. As a huntress, Geneva is not going to let the monster responsible for all of this heartbreaking hardship to continue living in her world. Her quarry, however, is a legendary creature. A dragon.

Tracking the beast to a cave in the mountains south of her village, Geneva is sure that she will finally mete out justice. Instead, Geneva finds herself in an adventure way over her head as she struggles with her grief, magic, legendary beasts, and the feelings that develop in her heart when a blue eyed dragon gives himself to her. Geneva begins to wonder who the real monster is as the mysteries deepen and unfold before her? Who really destroyed her village? And how does she really feel about the prince of dragons?

++ 40 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++
When you download this book, you will also get 40 steamy bonus books ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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