Dison – 99 CENTS

The Vampire Entyre Law: To live is by blood. To take is by design.

After years of advising vampire royals on how to maintain their abominable wealth, pürblood Dison Huxford is aching for a way out. When a good deal goes south, he receives a phone call warning him he’s on a hit list. Prepared to meet the man who saved his life, he’s unprepared when his old flame Rebekah appears in his place, claiming she knows all the secret good deeds he’s been up to. He’s watched her from afar, and purposely stayed away from her, but can’t imagine letting her go a second time. Damned or no.

Rebekah always believed she and Dison would find their way back to each other. The dark, poetic desire in his eyes shows her their connection is as it’s always been: a lust like no other, a love only soul mates can claim. She has a secret of her own she can no longer keep, one that might destroy their fragile but passionate reunion. With a vengeful royal hot on their trail, there’s nowhere to run, only to hide. Dison ultimately wants to make more than money, he wants to make history by helping Marex Daulton achieve peace with shifters. To do that, they need resources. And to stay alive.

He is an immortal forsaken…

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