Night Wolves – 99 CENTS

The Night Wolves series is set in a unique world where no sun shines, and humans have survived without sunlight through the intervention of lightweavers – their resident magicians. You’re introduced to two princesses, a servant, and a former bandit, each winding up with a powerful werewolf partner. The characters, along with their aristocratic werewolf partners, survive in a world of intrigue, lost history, in cities that are the last beacons of humanity, whilst darkness lingers at the edges…

Best read by those who love fantasy, sexy werewolf shifters, and headstrong women.

Book 1: Mordred – Night Wolves
Book 2: Ronan – Night Wolves
Book 3: Ian – Night Wolves
Book 4: Lawrence – Night Wolves

Each book is a full length 30k story with its guaranteed HEA.

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