Show & Sell – 99 CENTS

Three billionaire brothers.
Refusing to share.
One innocent woman.
Selling herself on a dare.
Baby…you’re bought and paid for now…

We see you. Sweet Aurora.
Swaying your hips as you walk – acting so innocent. So pure.
All we want is you.
You know you want it too.

We’re going to shower you with our wealth.
Whisk you away from the boredom of your reality.
And when we’re done wining and dining you, we won’t stop.
We’ll show you all our darkness and depravity.

We’ll grab those hips and pin you down.
As we touch you. Tempt you.
Make you submit as we
Tease you. Please you.

Because it’s no longer a question of you swinging your hips.
All we’re after now is screams of pleasure – our names on your lips.
As we make you ours. We own you now, heart and soul.

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