White Foxx Security – 99 CENTS

Book 1
It should have been just another job. I spend every day of my life trying to keep other people safe, but Faith is different. None of this is her fault and yet someone is determined to make her pay. She’s not like anyone I’ve ever met. She is more. She might not have any faith for herself, but she has given me a whole new outlook and I don’t ever want to let that go.

Book 2
I don’t put much stock in love or any of that nonsense. I like what I can see, hear, feel, and shoot. I’m a trained security agent. That’s what I do. Except now that I’m in Nashville I’m suddenly faced with a whole new outlook on life. Anna Spenser is different from other people. Someone wants her dead, but she acts as though it’s just a minor bump in the road. Thank goodness her son Levi is more concerned for her safety. In fact Levi is probably the best son ever. Okay. He might actually be the best man ever too.

Book 3
Admiring a woman like Harley isn’t normally my thing. She’s in politics for goodness sake. But Harley is different. She’s a bit of an idealist. It’s just too bad that her boss is as crooked as a forked tree. As things spin further and further out of control, my mission changes. Sure. I have to keep that politician alive. But Harley is the one I’m willing to put my life on the line for.

Book 4
I’ve never met anyone like Contessa Star. First of all, who makes their actual living by painting naked people? It’s insane! Then I start getting to know Star and her son River and I realize that there is a lot more to this woman than people give her credit for. She’s tough as nails and sexy as hell. After a few days I’m pretty sure she’s got my heart in a jar, which means I’m not giving up until I find the bastard who is messing with her and nail him to the wall.

Book 5
Dr. Lacey Baxter is a godsend. The woman is the only one I know who can bust your balls one second and then be empathetic about your horrible childhood the next. She’s an incredible woman who is smarter than all of my team put together. I just hope that I can keep her safe while we finish unraveling the story of a sociopath that started more than six months ago and promises to go down in flames before the final act is finished.

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