Marex – FREE

To live is by blood. To take is by design.

Marex Daulton. Vampire. Revolutionist. Traitor.

Or so someone wants everyone to believe. Kidnapped, tortured, and about to be swiftly executed for a unthinkable crime he didn’t commit, Marex has accepted his fate is sealed, as long as he remains chained to the wall. His decade-long mission to unite shifters and vampires to a peaceful accord is shattered. Or is it? When a mysterious vampiress walks in his cell to aid in his escape, he feels stoned on her energy, eager for her blood. One taste, and he must possess her. She’s his, and she knows it.

As the fated mate to the notorious revolution leader, Nadine is well aware she’ll need to continue to be fearless and strong, even though anywhere they go can end in betrayal or death. Night after night, he gives her mindless ecstasy, consuming her heart and soul, knowing they could be ripped apart at any given moment. Thrust into a new world of danger and distrust, she believes Marex will achieve the impossible, but wonders at what price they’ll pay along the way.

He is an immortal forsaken…

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