Owning The Virgin by Paige North

Owned. That’s what I am.

My virginity auctioned off to gorgeous billionaire Connor Kenyon.

His demands are simple.

Do exactly what he wants, when he wants.

No questions asked.

I have no idea why he’s chosen someone like me —an everyday, average girl next door—when he’s famous for dating gorgeous sexual goddesses.

He carries himself with an authority that goes beyond his twenty-six years, and his eyes are so blue they pierce me.
He’s an American prince from a family with political connections, a golden boy who went to prep schools and Harvard, an entrepreneur who created an astoundingly successful business because of his brains and admirable drive—not because he was handed everything on a silver platter.

The first time I meet him, his gaze is intense with a hunger that leaves me breathless.

I flush with arousal at that first look, my most private place beating for him.

But a man who would buy a woman’s innocence can’t be as perfect as Connor Kenyon seems.

No, a man who would do something like that is bruised and broken beyond repair.

And with every touch, every kiss, every demand, I’m realizing that he has the power to break me too…

Because He Owns Me by Hannah Ford

Recent college grad Adriana O’Connor came to New York City to focus on starting her publishing career—not to fall in love. Even if she were looking for her soul mate, Callum Wilder would be the last person she would choose. The sexy and demanding billionaire is completely unattainable – not to mention his penchant for whips, chains, and punishment. Falling for Callum can only guarantee one thing – devastating heartbreak.

Callum Wilder lives his life by one unbreakable rule – never surrender control. But when a chance encounter with Adriana leads to one hot and sexy night, the hold she has on him threatens to break his will. But Callum’s need for control is there for a reason, a devastating reason he’s vowed never to reveal to anyone, ever. And just one slip up could cost him everything…

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