Enjoying Mr. Hardwood – 99 CENTS

“What’s your name?”

Instantly, MJ stops. I can read the pleading in her fake colored eyes. My thumb traces the side of her mouth.

“It seems our fun is ending sooner than expected.”

I tilt my head. I hear her warning. My eyebrow raises.
“I wanna know your name,” I press.

I say nothing while she gets to her feet. Neither does she as she turns to retrieve her dress.

“We’re not done,” I announce. My movement surprises her. In a flash, I grab her arm, and force her against the wall. “Is this what you want?” I growl.

My first thrust is savage. My second is unhuman, but she welcomes them and each one that follows with a pant and a moan for more…..
The thing that’s going to hunt me long after she’s gone is knowing that I had spent 6 fun days, and 7 amazing nights with the one that got away.

MJ should have know she couldn’t love this man and leave him. It was something about his touch that sent her up in flames. His turquoise eyes gave a promise of satisfaction that created a fear that she should have listened to. No, MJ thought when she walked away the mysterious Mr. Hardwood would be reduced to a man that she would conjure up in the darkness. However, their time of lust left a lasting mark.

When Mr. Hardwood lays his gaze upon MJ years later, he’s shocked by what he sees. Now more than ever, he’s hell bent to make MJ his, no matter the cost.

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