Wanted: Big Bad Brother – 99 CENTS

Hot billionaire stepbrother who can’t help but be flirty.
Gorgeous but forbidden stepsister that’s totally sassy.
Grab a towel.
This relationship is about to get very, very dirty.

I take what I want.
Leave destruction in my wake.
I’m the king of all media.
The spotlight shines on me constantly.
Crowds cheer as I help myself.
Money, women, fame.

But the one thing I want is something I can’t have.
Sweet. Beautiful. Perfection.
Everything that’s good in this world.
Too good for me.
When she comes to me for help,
I can’t resist any longer.
I’ll make her mine.
Even if it means risking everything.

I’ll risk it all. Go all in on the two of us.

If I win, then it’ll soon be three.

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