Rock Solid Love – FREE


I just started at Frenzied Records a few months ago and I’ve been working hard to try and make an impression on my bosses. I want to show them that I can do the job and that there is nothing more important to me. I want to start dating again, but I can’t do both. I want to stay away from the lead singer of the band, but I feel drawn to him. Every time he looks at me I can’t help, but to blush.


I need to figure out how to fill in for Travis. He was such an amazing lead singer, I’m not even sure why I thought I could fill his shoes. As soon as I saw Sarah I knew that I was in trouble. She’s everything that I’ve ever wanted, but she’s a suit. I have been hating on suits since I signed my first record contract at the age of 16. She isn’t like any of the suits that I’ve met before.

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