Gloom Shimmers – FREE

I’m Gloom.
She Shimmers.
Together, we are Dirty Radiance.

Following a tragedy that’s left him fatally uninspired, Death Metal rock star Kalvin Gloom is forced to combine musical forces with pint-sized Princess of Pop, Tillie Shimmers, just in time for Christmas. Gloom infuriates Tillie, dismissing her as nothing more than his “little darlin’” or “sweet ass” and constantly underestimates her talents at every turn.
But the more Tillie gets to know Gloom, the more intoxicated with him she becomes. The man is an undeniable dark, sexy impulse she’s been resisting for too long …
She’s determined to make his stubborn heart explode with glitter this Holiday Season.
His cold, suck of a reality is going to melt …

“You’re nothing but a malevolent little elf.”
Yep, I achieve dizzying heights of bad ass with that insult to the scowling faced lead singer of Cold Suck.
Gloom’s blood red gaze lashes at my stupid mouth.
“Thank you, Sweet ass.” A humorless smile crawls across his black painted lips. “Or should I say, Mrs. Santa’s Sister? Because holy f**k you don’t understand what you do to me in that dress, little darlin.”

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