Extensive – 99 CENTS

It’s tough being a single dad, even tougher when you have to try and explain to your daughter why her mom abandoned her.

I mean, what can I say? Your mom ran off with my best friend because she’s selfish? We loved her, but it wasn’t enough?

Damn, it’s been hard. I’m trying my best to keep myself sane and protect my little girl.

Sure, I’ve slept around here and there since then. You know, showed women my extensive talents in bed, but it’s all been one-night stands. Nothing serious. Nothing real.

Then Alissa came and messed all that up. She’s a woman I shouldn’t want.

Sure, she’s beautiful and sweeter than my ex-wife ever could be, but she’s also my stepsister. The last thing I need to do is introduce more complicated crap into my life.

But I can’t get her out of mind. I feel a connection, and maybe, she’s just what I need. Or maybe she’s just what I want.

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