Twins Make Four – 99 CENTS

I have one of those faces.
The type of face where someone thinks you’re someone you’re not.
Scarlet thinks that. She thinks I’m her first love.
I’m not, but I’ll be her last.

When I meet Scarlet, she’s unlike any girl I’ve ever met.
Feisty, determined, she’ll do anything to get her way.
Sauntering over to me in the bar with those hips. That silky hair. Those kissable lips.
Two can play at this game.
After this weekend we’ll never see each other again.
Just 48 hours between the sheets.
Then I go back to Chicago and she stays in this sleepy little town.
Except four months later she shows up at my office with a secret so big it could tear our whole worlds apart.
One word changes everything.

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