One Night Alone – 99 CENTS

For the past several months, Parker and Will have been messaging each other, sending flirty selfies, and making each other smile. Somewhere along the line, Parker started to fall in love with Will Jacobs. The problem is that Will is his best friend’s brother and also nine years younger than him, but he can’t deny his feelings much longer.

Will is a college sophomore and in love with his brother’s best friend, Parker Sanderson, who should be off limits, but he’s had a crush on him for years. Since they’ve started talking, his crush became more. At an after-Christmas weekend in the woods, Will plans on telling his family he’s gay. He also plans on telling Parker that he loves him and doesn’t want to wait for him any longer.

When Parker and Will get snowed in for the evening, they have the perfect chance to profess their love for each other and each be with a man for the first time, but once their evening ends, things might not go so smoothly for them.

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