My Hot Bodyguard – 99 CENTS

“It’s not his protection I want…”

Paige: Grant Maddox is going to wreck my career. He’s my client’s bodyguard, and the heat between us could melt the ice cap in winter. But my client, Tessa, has her sights set on him too.

I can’t avoid him – we’re both at Tessa’s Scottish mansion for a month while I give the interior design a makeover. And I can’t resist him either, even though he tells me he’s damaged goods and we have no future.

How could I say no when he makes me tremble to my core and rocks my world? I can’t escape, so I just need to keep our nights of passion a secret. That can’t possibly go wrong, can it?

Grant: Paige drives me to distraction with her sinful body and sweet face. I’m not the man for her, but she’s so enticing I have to have her – hard, fast, and in every possible way. Day and night.

It would take a saint not to fall for her. And I’m no saint.

It turns out my need for her is relentless and deep, but can it drive away the shadows of my past?

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