Wanted: Big Bad Single Dad – 99 CENTS

My billionaire face is so gorgeous.
You’ll gasp when you see it.
But it’ll look even more amazing
When it’s in between your legs.

Let’s face it.
I’m the reason you clear your internet history at work.
Billionaire bad boy but also a single dad.
You can’t get enough of everything about me.
It’s the reason you tilt your phone away from others when I message.
So no one can see the secret things I say to you.

But I can’t tell you what I really want.
It will scare the hell out of you.
You may run away.

Because I may want to make you scream and pull your hair.
But a part of you is still a precious flower.
I want to wrap my arms and protect you.

And water you with…well, why don’t I just show you.

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