Angel’s Secret: A Romance Box Set – 99 CENTS

Like menage?
Fantasize about multiple guys?
You have no idea till you’ve rolled a seven…

Hit & Run:
Four hands.
Two sets of lips.
And two huge…egos.

Single TV Dad:
Send the kids to bed right now.
Because when I come on it’s mature audiences only…

Girl For Rent:
She says she’s only for rent.
She doesn’t realize that everything is for sale…

Client 5:
I can have any woman in the world I want.
And I’m rich enough to pay…

She’s my stepfather’s forced bride.
Fifteen years older than me.
And the mother of my child…

Man Chaser:
She says she’s a Man Chaser.
Well, baby…they call me a Woman Tamer.
Let’s see who wins, shall we?

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