The Aberrants Box Set – 99 CENTS

Jaelle has everything – her own place, a great job, and even a lover in the form of a dedicated, muscled farmhand with an easy smile to pass the time with. No one knows her as anything beyond the town’s mechanic, when in reality she is so much more.

But all of that changes when a group of strangers arrive in their convoy of battered cars in desperate need of repair. They are Hunters – Shifters that have been charged with keeping the peace between the clans and making sure that evil, twisted Aberrants are not able to wreak havoc across the land.

Soon Jaelle is pulled into a chase she wanted no part in, and her life is turned upside down. 

Abandoning old relationships and forging new ones, Jaelle must extricate herself from the complex web woven around her. With the clock ever ticking down to zero, she knows she only has so much time before her luck will run out.

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