Sold on Christmas Eve – 99 CENTS

This Christmas, he’s buying a gift I’ve never given anyone.

I’m a 19 year old nerdy, overweight virgin.
He’s a 38 year old tall, handsome billionaire.
I meet him on a ski trip my BFF dragged me on over Christmas break.
She says I need to give myself the gift of caring about my own needs for once.
I have a feeling this guy could help me out with that.
But when I’m faced with being auctioned off at a place called The Exchange Club,
I have to ask myself if this is really how I want to lose my virginity.
This filthy rich bad boy will bid whatever it takes to make me his naughty elf.
He plans to possess me, dominate me, claim me as his own.
I have a feeling I’ll enjoy what he does to me, maybe just a little too much-
especially compared to the wimpy, clueless guys I’ve tried to date in the past.
As the bidding approaches a million dollars, I have to ask myself some questions.

Is there nothing money can’t buy, including a happy ever after?
Or if he buys my body on Christmas Eve, will he steal my heart for good?

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