Shifters of Anubis – 99 CENTS

Book One
No one would ever guess that Kai Weslark, a surfer boy living in paradise, could have a dark secret. Yet behind those crooked smiles, Kai has been trying to forget everything he left behind in California, especially his family and the Shifters of Anubis. Until he has no choice but to face it when a pretty brunette named Isla DeLuca needs his protection from the same organization that sent him into hiding.

Isla awakes on a tropical island, baffled as to how she got there and even more baffled by her apparent kidnapper, who seems far too cavalier and full of jokes about it. And indifferent. Shouldn’t a kidnapper be a little more vested in the girl he brought across the ocean? But as Isla learns more about Kai and tries to find out what he’s keeping form her, she realizes she’s in danger from more than one quarter. And that there’s more to this surfer boy than meets the eye.

Book Two
Baltsaros Kazan was shipped away as a child from Greece to America. All of the lost hopes of his family were laid on him – to escape their cursed line, restore the family’s honor, and become a Shifter of Anubis. While Balt has proven his worth as a Lion Shifter, time is running out. The curse is not broken. A dark fate awaits him and he must leave. However, he keeps putting it off for Piper Weslark. As he pulls away, she fights to fix everything, but Balt knows there is no going back. Piper knows Balt has been keeping dark secrets from her. Yet she never thought anything could tear them apart.

Book Three
Roy Zima-Weslark cannot win. He’s been recruited to his cousin Piper Weslark’s team to lead an investigation into a warehouse in Sierra Mountains of Northern California. Oh yeah, and pull double-duty as a bodyguard and fake boyfriend for KesariIyer. The pretty, bubbly Doctor who hates his guts. Roy has long resigned himself to keeping up the dual legacy of his rival families. Not doing or getting what he wants. Ever. But now he has to live with the pretty, bubble doctor who hates his guts? To work with her as co-lead? All while keeping up appearances under cover?

Book Four
Desmond Devoy can’t quite place his finger on why the co-ed with the long braids and sparkling gray eyes intrigues him. She’s beautiful, yes, but there’s more. Something is shattered and wanting underneath her poise. Something that beckons at him. Something he can never indulge in yet is starting to crave. But he has secrets of his own, dangerous ones he has to keep under lock and key. Something happened when he helped the Shifters of Anubis in the Sierra Mountains. And he’s come too far and sacrificed too much to stop now.

Book Five
She’s not supposed to be alive. Andrei Zima is a perfect soldier in the ranks of the Shifters of Anubis. Takes orders without question. Always gets the job done. And he’s supposed to kill Faye Knight. He didn’t question it. Didn’t hesitate. Not until he laid eyes on her. Not until his gut told him she was innocent. She was the woman he’d once tried to save and believed until now that he’d failed her.

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