6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas – 99 CENTS

6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas

It’s Christmas in snowy Colorado, and the Trent brothers are home for the holidays.
All six men have their eyes set on one lucky lady.

They were rough. Rugged. And ridiculously sexy.

The Trent boys were my best friends.
Football games were always fun.
Body to body contact.
With them, I always liked it rough.
But, that’s where it stopped.
Because they were the Lost Boys.
And I was their Tinkerbell.

Now, I’m home for Christmas.
And something is different.
Maybe it’s the way their eyes examine my body.
And linger at my peaks and valleys.

I must be imagining it, right?
How can all six mountain brothers want me?

One night, they want to play a naughty game of truth or dare.
Six untamed mountain men.
One unassuming girl.
One secluded cabin in the woods.

Will this be the most unforgettable night ever?
Or, will I regret letting my inhibitions finally get the best of me?

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