Double Stuffed – 99 CENTS

Double Stuffed by Daphne Dawn and Natalie KnightShe likes her pastries stuffed with cream.
Well, together we’re giving her a stuffing she won’t ever forget.

Leila owns a bakery.
She’s got a hit creation she discovered.
People are lining up for blocks to try it.

We want it. And her.

She’s everything we’re not.
Kind. Sweet. Gentle.
Not like us. Bad boy billionaire brothers that paint the town red every night.
Our money gives us power.
Our bodies give us women.
And we’re going to pull every trick in the book to take what we want from her.
You know what we’re going to do to her.
You can guess what we’re going to knead like dough.
Where we’re putting the cream.

But can her oven hold both of our…buns?

She’s going to love it.
She’s going to want it more and more.
Our stuffing is going to change her life.
There’s a reason for that.

It’s not because its sweet that makes it so good.
But the fact that it’s salty.

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