Thomas Security: The Complete 5-Books Private Security Series – 99 CENTS

Dive into this sexy five-book series that follows five security professionals in their quest for both justice and unexpected romance. Lots of suspense, mystery, and romance. No cliffhangers!

Book 1
The last thing Logan Burke wants is a job as a live-in bodyguard, especially with the wealthy Murk family, who has dubious ties to crime. Honestly, though, Logan doesn’t have very much else going for him beyond space on a couch in his increasingly paranoid brother’s place. And when he meets Willow, his client’s beautiful daughter, Logan makes his decision. But between Willow’s criminal boyfriend, increasingly violent threats against the family, and the troubling relationship Willow has with her father’s young wife, Logan starts to discover that nothing is what it seems in the Murk family.

Book 2
With what nearly happened to his love, Willow, bodyguard Logan Burke might be forgiven for being a tad overprotective. Willow has his heart, and he plans to marry her. But with a brand new security firm with Jamal and Jackson and their very first case, Logan’s best intentions to do right by Willow are strained. Can their relationship survive a dangerous stalking case at a strip club? And can the security firm’s first client, the sexy Lanier, survive the case herself, even with Jackson at her side?

Book 3
Love is in the air, but it’s not the same for everyone. While Willow and Logan are married in a beautiful ceremony, and Jamal meets curvaceous Camille, Jackson and Lanier’s relationship is on the rocks. It’s obvious to Lanier that Jackson is still in love with Willow, even after all this time. But life must go on, especially with the security firm’s next case — one that stays in the family. Logan’s brother, Steven, asks for protection, convinced that something or someone is after him because of information he possesses. Logan has trouble believing his brother, at first, but when Steven is charged with murder, everyone must accept that they might be a part of something much more sinister than they thought.

Book 4
The case with Datacom is intensifying, especially when it comes to light that Steven was concealing vital information from the security firm. It’s Logan who pays for that, taking a pair of bullets that seriously injure him, calling into doubt that he might ever recover. As everyone reels from the attack, no one is more affected than Willow, seeking comfort with Jackson. But as Lanier enters into a whirlwind romance with a man who isn’t who he says he is, and Steven decides to go out on his own to deal with the sensitive information he has, it becomes apparent that no one is in control of a destiny that seems to be rushing toward them.

Book 5
Logan struggles to regain his life — and his marriage — as he recuperates from the shooting. With Willow by his side, he attempts to figure out just what is it he wants with his career and the remainder of his time on this planet. No one knows just how long that time will be, though, with the threat of a truly nefarious plan financed by Datacom that Steven and Jackson are rushing to expose. With aid from a source Lanier taught to love again, the race against time to preserve life as they know it is real — and deadly.

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