Space For Breathing – 99 CENTS

Space For Breathing Book Cover

I used to think I had it all – the fame, the fans, the adoration and most of all – the music. My brother and I were two halves of the rock band, Slone. We’d been famous since we were teenagers. Despite all those blessings, one day I looked up and realized, I had nothing. Couldn’t write a song to save my life…or my relationship with my brother. I was allowing myself to fail.

But then I found her. Maeva. She was the proud, devastatingly beautiful adopted daughter of the president of the record label. Her father had invited me to The Estate, a mansion in the outskirts of Manila, Philippines. Maeva coaxed me back into myself – the real me with her unconditional love, her nurturing, her touch.

In the end, I had to leave, cherishing every moment we’d had together. Could the two of us – from different sides of the world – find each other again?

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