His Rebel – 99 CENTS

What’s a logical human scientist to do when an alien dragon shifter claims she’s his fated mate?

MIT robotics student Freda Hayes is forced to abandon her research when the Archon Empire’s cyborgs attack earth. With her little sister Lottie, she takes refuge in a secluded cabin.

News that the dragon shifters of Draxos have defended the planet from the cyborgs leaves Lottie the Draxos’ biggest fan — and Freda skeptical. When Admiral Sysko D’Fray, leader of the Draxos army, lands right outside her cabin, she’s downright suspicious.

Sysko has been defending the galaxy from the Archon for decades. But he has another, even more, urgent battle to fight: the one to save his people from extinction. And human DNA, which includes a rare recessive gene making them compatible with Draxos, is the key to their survival.

Freda isn’t just any human; the curvy scientist is Sysko’s fated mate. She wants nothing to do with him, despite his efforts to learn all he can about human courtship rituals. But Sysko is in thrall. He must mate — or die.

Freda is desperately trying to finish her dissertation while mourning for her parents, who haven’t been since the Archon attack. She doesn’t have time to be wooed by an alien who wants to turn her into a dragon … no matter how attractive he is.

Can Sysko overcome his mate’s resistance and prove his love is real, or will the Draxos/human breeding program fail before it’s begun? And even if it succeeds, are the cyborgs truly neutralized?

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