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Unexpected Titan Mate –Threesome Millionaire and Dragon Shifter Romance

Cassandra Price knew how difficult the world could be, but meeting a dragon shifter at a bar was more outlandish than anything. She’d been celebrating becoming affluent virtually overnight even though partying wasn’t her idea of a good time. A high school dropout with no job and still living with her mother, Cassandra didn’t expect to be at the center of positive attention.

Lukas O’Hare certainly wasn’t expecting to meet a compatible mate that night. Unlike most shifters his partner wasn’t predestined. She was chosen…

Strange and Beautiful –Billionaire Stepbrother Romance

Tara has been away at college for a long time and she decides to spend the summer with her recently engaged mother in Miami. Little does she know that her mom’s fiancé lives in a gorgeous estate, where his son Noah also decides to spend the summer with his girlfriend, Denise.

Tara is her usual shy and quiet self but she feels herself opening up to Noah in a way that feels wrong, but so right. He is immediately bewitched by the strange and beautiful girl who is to be his new stepsister, and soon sees that she is a better fit for him than Denise.

Can they carry out their forbidden love in secret, or will they have to give each other up in the face of society’s morals?

Sharing Seals –Threesome MFM Military Romance

Best friends, Patrick and Kevin, have always done everything together, from Boy Scouts to high school sports to the Navy. Now these two SEALS have returned to their hometown on leave only to discover that another close friend from school is preparing to deploy and wants to get married before he goes.

Thrown into planning an impromptu wedding, the two meet the bride’s sister and soon find themselves engaged in much more than just picking out flowers and booking a wedding band.

Medieval Love -Medieval Historical Romance

Two friends Roslyn and Wade did their best to hide their attraction to one another as they prepare for a rebellion against the standing king. After suffering a panic attack, Wade gets his first peek at what Roslyn has been hiding underneath her masculine attire.

Wade followed the trail of her outstretched arm, his mouth watering at the thought of tasting her. He finished the song, wishing he was the breath with which she recited the words. He ran his fingers down the curtain, images of her skin causing his heartbeat to triple in speed. He stepped out of her line of sight just before she turned around.
A panic attack, a bar fight, and an awe inspiring speech contribute to their feelings for each other, strengthening their bond and attraction. A night of passion awaits them, but the King has other plans.

After a horrid encounter with the King’s guards, the couple acquires a negotiation, where they secure new rights for the people in their village, in addition, to acknowledging the royal blood flowing through Wade’s veins.
Upon realizing Roslyn is the source of his strength, Wade declares his love for her.

This love is the romantic story of surviving love’s battlefield. The saying is true, “best friends make the best lovers.”

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