Heading north with the sun on her shades, her tattoo guns in her kit bag, Harriet Jones – Harry, please – has never felt better about starting a new life. But when she almost runs over a freaking werewolf in the Northern Cascades, things start to get wilder than even she intended. Saved by the alpha shifter Carl Glory, of the rebellious and outcast Glory Pack, Harry tries to understand what Carl did to her to save her life, while around her new pack-mates a vicious and cruel killer is hunting…

Seattle isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Not if you are a Shifter, and especially not if you are the Beta Shifter of the dangerous and outcast Glory Pack. Daryl Glory is sent to the big city to fulfil an old promise made by their Den Mother Letticia, still reeling from the torture inflicted on him by the Stranger. But then he meets Claire Montaigne, top Shifter herbalist for the Shifter Council and even rough Daryl starts to thaw. But Claire isn’t a wolf shifter. She’s a cat. Thrust into a deadly world of political games, Daryl Glory has to work out how to trust someone again, and how to trust a cat.

Reece had never meant to fall for the sun-kissed and independent Nico, the newest addition to the Rat-Colony of Seattle. She was here on orders from the very top, a part of a deal that will secure the Rat Shifters of Seattle’s future forever… But Nico has secrets, and Reece is a rebel even amongst his own kind. Can Nico turn to this broken, rebellious punk when all around her people are playing games with her life? And can Reece make her see that he cares for her? In a Shifter Romance story that sets Seattle ablaze, their only option left is to reach out to the notorious loners the Glory Pack.

Kennedy Glory is sick of being the Omega of the Glory Pack. It always used to be just them and their Den Mother; Carl, Daryl, him and Letticia. Now there are new wolfs, Cats, and even a Rat shifter testing the limits of Pack loyalty. But when Jodi Reaver, the last surviving member of the wolf shifters the Reaver pack turns up in their territory, Kennedy has to work out whether he will let himself bond with her, or whether he will choose his brothers over love.

In this final, gripping story of the Glory Pack, Letticia Glory, the Den-Mother of the Glory Boys finally has her past catch up with her. She used to love someone, once. She never expected to see Marty the Bear alpha and head of the Seattle Shifter Council again, until events beyond her control throw her back into her old life.

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