The SEAL’s Little Virgin – 99 CENTS


I see the way everyone in the bar watches her. Most of the men in the f*cking place old enough to be her daddy. Hell, I’m no different.

Except she doesn’t give any of them ‘f*ck-me eyes.” Only me.

The sweet little thing better watch herself, or she’s going to find her knees sore, her lips swollen, and her body owned by a big mother f*cker like me.

She thinks she can handle herself in the bar, but I wonder how quickly she’d cry out in the bedroom.

After a long couple of years overseas, I want two things.

Time with my son and a long week of being f*cked nice and hard by the pretty little virgin down at the base bar that’s finally legal.

I don’t want her to cry Uncle. I want her to cry Daddy.

And she will. Over and over and over again.

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